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Candidate Videos and Press Releases

Vallco - Jon Willey Debates Orrin Mahoney on Silicon Valley Buzz

Debate featuring City Council candidates Jon Willey and Orrin Mahoney about Vallco.

Jon Willey Interviewed on NTD TV

Interview featuring City Council candidates Jon Willey and Liang Chao (in Chinese and English)

City of Cupertino Meet the Candidates Video - featuring Jon Willey

Official City of Cupertino Candidate video introducing Jon Willey for City Council (click here to fast forward to 15:26 when Jon speaks).

LWV Cupertino Candidates Video

Jon Willey participated in the League of Women Voters Cupertino City Council Candidate forum.

Press Release on August 10

The two candidates, Liang Chao and Jon Willey held a press release to notify Cupertino residents of their candidacy for the City Council election in 2018. 


August 10 is the last day of getting confirmed as a official candidate for Cupertino City Council election in November 2018.

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