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A Thank You Letter From Jon Willey

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November 13, 2018

To all of you that have helped with my campaign and all of you that supported and voted for me.  I’ve been anxiously watching the ROV numbers and your hard work, dedication, and support, have already resulted in a miracle for Cupertino.  Liang has won a seat on the City Council, and you have put my place so high on the list that no matter the outcome for me, your efforts are going to change the future of Cupertino. 

I met and worked with a lot of you over the last several months and I am sincerely humbled by all the hard work, dedication, perseverance, and sacrifices that you have made.  You missed dinners with your families, wore out shoes, faced attacks, and delayed things that you needed to do, because you still had more flyers and lawn signs to distribute.  And as I walked with many you, listening to you talk to the residents about me on my behalf . . . and enthusiastically describe who I am.  You clearly verbalized it as well as I ever could,  telling them that I am running so the Residents will decide the future of our community, not the developers.  But I also know there are so many more that also did the same that I have not met yet.  I have it as a priority to meet every one of you. Thank you.

When I started this journey I was unaware of the dramatic changes that would occur in myself.  As I met and talked to so many of you and the residents as I distributed the flyers door to door, I became more aware of many topics beyond Vallco and The Oaks that are also important to our community.  So, no matter the outcome of the election, I am clearly a more informed person and a person much more aware of how to help and work with everyone in our community.  Thank you.


Well, a new chapter lies ahead.  We need to continue to reach out to all the residents in our community.  Continue to inform them that Better Cupertino wants to hear from them, wants to know what their concerns are, wants to know what they want for our community.  This will be a lot more work, time consuming work.  But it will make our community better and the envy of the Bay Area. 

My vision is that Cupertino will be the most connected community in the Bay Area.  One that is totally inclusive.  One that is concerned about Sensible Growth, affordable housing, traffic impacts, school impacts.  One with a clear understanding and belief that growth is necessary.  But we, as a community, are going to define what is right for us and our community.

Very important, this is not about me, it is about our community.  You have put your trust in me to represent you and our community and I cherish that trust and will make sure your voice is heard by the City Council, I promise I will do my very best to not let you down. 

And so as we now wait for the final vote tally, I want to say very sincerely, I am here for you and all the residents.  That is why I am here.  Thank you.

Jon Willey

Proud Better Cupertino Supporter

Proud Cupertino Resident

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