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Volunteer Work

Jon Willey Giving Back as a Volunteer Youth Sports Coach

Jon's commitment to volunteering and giving back to the community has led him to coach and mentor over 400 youth over the last two decades.  He will bring the same passion and commitment to Cupertino as a Councilmember.

Jon started coaching basketball for the YMCA on the Alameda in 1995 when he saw a request for volunteers in the Mercury newspaper.  The YMCA made the request because there were more children wanting to play than they had coaches and the YMCA keeps the cost low for the sport by using volunteer coaches.  Having played on the high school C/D basketball team, Jon felt this would be a way he could help kids get exposed to organized sports and develop skills and teamwork, and have a fun time. 


Once Jon started as a volunteer coach, he became a pretty regular coach and continues to volunteer for the National Junior Basketball Association, a K-12 organization with over 25,000 participants each year.  


"Everyone can do things to benefit children. So let's all do what we can and encourage others to do likewise. Helping children not only benefits the children, our communities benefit too. Being able to look back at things we helped with, especially for children should make our heart glow." - Coach Jon Willey

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